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Want to know how you can save money on your power bill?

Green house representing energy efficiencyIt’s easy let us help you it’s FREE!!

There are many ways you can reduce your electricity bill, just ask us how.  We can do a free audit of your bill and let you know ways you can save on your next bill.  It’s as easy as sending us some details from your most  recent electricity  bill and letting us do the rest. Just fill in a simple form and upload for one of our friendly 1300mysparky team to take a look and give you some options to reduce your energy bills.



Domestic Energy Audit Form

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General household information

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How to reduce your energy consumption

The smallest steps can make a big difference to Australia’s energy Eco And Lightbulb Refer To Energy Efficiency And Ecologyconsumption. The following tips outline practical ways that you can reduce resource usage and help our living planet.

Easy to manage first steps towards energy efficiencyA plastic calculator showing the words How Much to figure the am

1. Switch off unused lights. Lighting an average home produces about three quarters of a tonne of greenhouse gases. That’s the same amount of energy six footballers use in a year.

2. Switch off appliances on standby. Appliances on standby can Home appliances. Tv, refrigerator, microwave, laptop and washinaccount for 10% of your electricity. If you switch off just one appliance at the wall you could save 45 kilograms of greenhouse gas. Count them … how many are on standby in your home right now?

Did you know?

IdeaDid you know that the average cost saving of running one halogen down light compared to one LED down light is aprx $28 per year, per light, in your back pocket. Consider changing over your lights to cost saving LED.  Not only are they more efficient but they last longer too! Imagine never changing a light bulb again.  That alone will save you money.

How much energy do household appliances use?

Appliance When on (watts) Standby (watts)
Stereo 22 12
TV 100 10
Video recorder 13 1
DVD recorder 12 7
Digital top box 6 5
Computer + peripherals 130 15
Computer monitor 70 11
Laptop computer 29 2
Broadband modem 14 14
Answering machine 3 3
Battery charger 14 1
Mobile phone charger 5 2
Total 418 83


 If you have any questions about your electricity bill ask us we can  help you understand it and perhaps help reduce it for no cost.


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